How to setup a systemd service

Run ClusterCockpit components as systemd services

How to run as a systemd service.

The files in this directory assume that you install ClusterCockpit to /opt/monitoring/cc-backend. Of course you can choose any other location, but make sure you replace all paths starting with /opt/monitoring/cc-backend in the clustercockpit.service file!

The config.json may contain the optional fields user and group. If specified, the application will call setuid and setgid after reading the config file and binding to a TCP port (so it can take a privileged port), but before it starts accepting any connections. This is good for security, but also means that the var/ directory must be readable and writeable by this user. The .env and config.json files may contain secrets and should not be readable by this user. If these files are changed, the server must be restarted.

  1. Clone this repository somewhere in your home
git clone
  1. (Optional) Install dependencies and build. In general it is recommended to use the provided release binaries.
cd cc-backend && make

Copy the binary to the target folder (adapt if necessary):

sudo mkdir -p /opt/monitoring/cc-backend/
cp ./cc-backend /opt/monitoring/cc-backend/
  1. Modify the config.json and env-template.txt file from the configs directory to your liking and put it in the target directory
cp ./configs/config.json /opt/monitoring/config.json && cp ./configs/env-template.txt /opt/monitoring/.env
vim /opt/monitoring/config.json # do your thing...
vim /opt/monitoring/.env # do your thing...
  1. (Optional) Customization: Add your versions of the login view, legal texts, and logo image. You may use the templates in ./web/templates as blueprint. Every overwrite is separate.
cp login.tmpl /opt/monitoring/cc-backend/var/
cp imprint.tmpl /opt/monitoring/cc-backend/var/
cp privacy.tmpl /opt/monitoring/cc-backend/var/
# Ensure your logo, and any images you use in your login template has a suitable size.
cp -R img /opt/monitoring/cc-backend/img
  1. Copy the systemd service unit file. You may adopt it to your needs.
sudo cp ./init/clustercockpit.service /etc/systemd/system/clustercockpit.service
  1. Enable and start the server
sudo systemctl enable clustercockpit.service # optional (if done, (re-)starts automatically)
sudo systemctl start clustercockpit.service

Check whats going on:

sudo systemctl status clustercockpit.service
sudo journalctl -u clustercockpit.service