How to customize cc-backend

Add legal texts, modify login page, and add custom logo.


Customizing cc-backend means changing the logo, legal texts, and the login template instead of the placeholders. You can also place a text file in ./var to add dynamic status or notification messages to the ClusterCockpit homepage.

To replace the imprint.tmpl and privacy.tmpl legal texts, you can place your version in ./var/. At startup cc-backend will check if ./var/imprint.tmpl and/or ./var/privacy.tmpl exist and use them instead of the built-in placeholders. You can use the placeholders in web/templates as a blueprint.

Replace login template

To replace the default login layout and styling, you can place your version in ./var/. At startup cc-backend will check if ./var/login.tmpl exist and use it instead of the built-in placeholder. You can use the default template web/templates/login.tmpl as a blueprint.

To change the logo displayed in the navigation bar, you can provide the file logo.png in the folder ./var/img/. On startup cc-backend will check if the folder exists and use the images provided there instead of the built-in images. You may also place additional images there you use in a custom login template.

Add notification banner on homepage

To add a notification banner you can add a file notice.txt to ./var. As long as this file is present all text in this file is shown in an info banner on the homepage.