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Metric Store

ClusterCockpit Metric Store References

Reference information regarding the ClusterCockpit component “cc-metric-store” (GitHub Repo).

1 - Command Line

ClusterCockpit Metric Store Command Line Options

This page describes the command line options for the cc-metric-store executable.

  -config <path>

Function: Specifies alternative path to application configuration file.

Default: ./config.json

Example: -config ./configfiles/configuration.json


Function: Go server listens via (for debugging).

2 - Configuration

ClusterCockpit Metric Store Configuration Option References

All durations are specified as string that will be parsed like this (Allowed suffixes: s, m, h, …).

  • metrics: Map of metric-name to objects with the following properties
    • frequency: Timestep/Interval/Resolution of this metric
    • aggregation: Can be "sum", "avg" or null
      • null means aggregation across nodes is forbidden for this metric
      • "sum" means that values from the child levels are summed up for the parent level
      • "avg" means that values from the child levels are averaged for the parent level
    • scope: Unused at the moment, should be something like "node", "socket" or "hwthread"
  • nats:
    • address: Url of server, example: “nats://localhost:4222”
    • username and password: Optional, if provided use those for the connection
    • subscriptions:
      • subscribe-to: Where to expect the measurements to be published
      • cluster-tag: Default value for the cluster tag
  • http-api:
    • address: Address to bind to, for example
    • https-cert-file and https-key-file: Optional, if provided enable HTTPS using those files as certificate/key
  • jwt-public-key: Base64 encoded string, use this to verify requests to the HTTP API
  • retention-on-memory: Keep all values in memory for at least that amount of time
  • checkpoints:
    • interval: Do checkpoints every X seconds/minutes/hours
    • directory: Path to a directory
    • restore: After a restart, load the last X seconds/minutes/hours of data back into memory
  • archive:
    • interval: Move and compress all checkpoints not needed anymore every X seconds/minutes/hours
    • directory: Path to a directory


ClusterCockpit Metric Store RESTful API Endpoint description

Open API Reference