ClusterCockpit Environment Variables

All security-related configurations, e.g. keys and passwords, are set using environment variables. It is supported to set these by means of a .env file in the project root.

Environment Variables

An example env file is found in this directory. Copy it as .env into the project root and adapt it for your needs.

  • JWT_PUBLIC_KEY and JWT_PRIVATE_KEY: Base64 encoded Ed25519 keys used for JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication. You can generate your own keypair using go run ./cmd/gen-keypair/gen-keypair.go. For more information, see the JWT documentation.
  • SESSION_KEY: Some random bytes used as secret for cookie-based sessions.
  • LDAP_ADMIN_PASSWORD: The LDAP admin user password (optional).
  • CROSS_LOGIN_JWT_HS512_KEY: Used for token based logins via another authentication service.
  • LOGLEVEL: Can be crit, err, warn, info or debug. Can be used to reduce logging. Default is info.