ClusterCockpit Configuration Option References

CC-Backend requires a JSON configuration file that specifies the cluster systems to be used. The schema of the configuration is described at the schema documentation.

To override the default, specify the location of a JSON configuration file with the -config <file path> command line option.

Configuration Options

  • addr: Type string. Address where the http (or https) server will listen on (for example: ’localhost:80’). Default :8080.
  • apiAllowedIPs: Type string array. Addresses from which the secured API endpoints (/users and other auth related endpoints) can be reached
  • user: Type string. Drop root permissions once .env was read and the port was taken. Only applicable if using privileged port.
  • group: Type string. Drop root permissions once .env was read and the port was taken. Only applicable if using privileged port.
  • disable-authentication: Type bool. Disable authentication (for everything: API, Web-UI, …). Default false.
  • embed-static-files: Type bool. If all files in web/frontend/public should be served from within the binary itself (they are embedded) or not. Default true.
  • static-files: Type string. Folder where static assets can be found, if embed-static-files is false. No default.
  • db-driver: Type string. ‘sqlite3’ or ‘mysql’ (mysql will work for mariadb as well). Default sqlite3.
  • db: Type string. For sqlite3 a filename, for mysql a DSN in this format: (Without query parameters!). Default: ./var/job.db.
  • job-archive: Type object.
    • kind: Type string. At them moment only file is supported as value.
    • path: Type string. Path to the job-archive. Default: ./var/job-archive.
    • compression: Type integer. Setup automatic compression for jobs older than number of days.
    • retention: Type object.
      • policy: Type string (required). Retention policy. Possible values none, delete, move.
      • includeDB: Type boolean. Also remove jobs from database.
      • age: Type integer. Act on jobs with startTime older than age (in days).
      • location: Type string. The target directory for retention. Only applicable for retention policy move.
  • disable-archive: Type bool. Keep all metric data in the metric data repositories, do not write to the job-archive. Default false.
  • validate: Type bool. Validate all input json documents against json schema.
  • session-max-age: Type string. Specifies for how long a session shall be valid as a string parsable by time.ParseDuration(). If 0 or empty, the session/token does not expire! Default 168h.
  • https-cert-file and https-key-file: Type string. If both those options are not empty, use HTTPS using those certificates.
  • redirect-http-to: Type string. If not the empty string and addr does not end in “:80”, redirect every request incoming at port 80 to that url.
  • machine-state-dir: Type string. Where to store MachineState files. TODO: Explain in more detail!
  • stop-jobs-exceeding-walltime: Type int. If not zero, automatically mark jobs as stopped running X seconds longer than their walltime. Only applies if walltime is set for job. Default 0.
  • short-running-jobs-duration: Type int. Do not show running jobs shorter than X seconds. Default 300.
  • jwts: Type object (required). For JWT Authentication.
    • max-age: Type string (required). Configure how long a token is valid. As string parsable by time.ParseDuration().
    • cookieName: Type string. Cookie that should be checked for a JWT token.
    • vaidateUser: Type boolean. Deny login for users not in database (but defined in JWT). Overwrite roles in JWT with database roles.
    • trustedIssuer: Type string. Issuer that should be accepted when validating external JWTs.
    • syncUserOnLogin: Type boolean. Add non-existent user to DB at login attempt with values provided in JWT.
  • ldap: Type object. For LDAP Authentication and user synchronisation. Default nil.
    • url: Type string (required). URL of LDAP directory server.
    • user_base: Type string (required). Base DN of user tree root.
    • search_dn: Type string (required). DN for authenticating LDAP admin account with general read rights.
    • user_bind: Type string (required). Expression used to authenticate users via LDAP bind. Must contain uid={username}.
    • user_filter: Type string (required). Filter to extract users for syncing.
    • username_attr: Type string. Attribute with full user name. Defaults to gecos if not provided.
    • sync_interval: Type string. Interval used for syncing local user table with LDAP directory. Parsed using time.ParseDuration.
    • sync_del_old_users: Type boolean. Delete obsolete users in database.
    • syncUserOnLogin: Type boolean. Add non-existent user to DB at login attempt if user exists in Ldap directory.
  • clusters: Type array of objects (required)
    • name: Type string. The name of the cluster.
    • metricDataRepository: Type object with properties: kind (Type string, can be one of cc-metric-store, influxdb ), url (Type string), token (Type string)
    • filterRanges Type object. This option controls the slider ranges for the UI controls of numNodes, duration, and startTime. Example:
    "filterRanges": {
                 "numNodes": { "from": 1, "to": 64 },
                 "duration": { "from": 0, "to": 86400 },
                 "startTime": { "from": "2022-01-01T00:00:00Z", "to": null }
  • ui-defaults: Type object. Default configuration for ui views. If overwritten, all options must be provided! Most options can be overwritten by the user via the web interface.
    • analysis_view_histogramMetrics: Type string array. Metrics to show as job count histograms in analysis view. Default ["flops_any", "mem_bw", "mem_used"].
    • analysis_view_scatterPlotMetrics: Type array of string array. Initial scatter plot configuration in analysis view. Default [["flops_any", "mem_bw"], ["flops_any", "cpu_load"], ["cpu_load", "mem_bw"]].
    • job_view_nodestats_selectedMetrics: Type string array. Initial metrics shown in node statistics table of single job view. Default ["flops_any", "mem_bw", "mem_used"].
    • job_view_polarPlotMetrics: Type string array. Metrics shown in polar plot of single job view. Default ["flops_any", "mem_bw", "mem_used", "net_bw", "file_bw"].
    • job_view_selectedMetrics: Type string array. Default ["flops_any", "mem_bw", "mem_used"].
    • plot_general_colorBackground: Type bool. Color plot background according to job average threshold limits. Default true.
    • plot_general_colorscheme: Type string array. Initial color scheme. Default "#00bfff", "#0000ff", "#ff00ff", "#ff0000", "#ff8000", "#ffff00", "#80ff00".
    • plot_general_lineWidth: Type int. Initial linewidth. Default 3.
    • plot_list_jobsPerPage: Type int. Jobs shown per page in job lists. Default 50.
    • plot_list_selectedMetrics: Type string array. Initial metric plots shown in jobs lists. Default "cpu_load", "ipc", "mem_used", "flops_any", "mem_bw".
    • plot_view_plotsPerRow: Type int. Number of plots per row in single job view. Default 3.
    • plot_view_showPolarplot: Type bool. Option to toggle polar plot in single job view. Default true.
    • plot_view_showRoofline: Type bool. Option to toggle roofline plot in single job view. Default true.
    • plot_view_showStatTable: Type bool. Option to toggle the node statistic table in single job view. Default true.
    • system_view_selectedMetric: Type string. Initial metric shown in system view. Default cpu_load.

Some of the ui-defaults values can be appended by :<clustername> in order to have different settings depending on the current cluster. Those are notably job_view_nodestats_selectedMetrics, job_view_polarPlotMetrics, job_view_selectedMetrics and plot_list_selectedMetrics.