Command Line

ClusterCockpit Command Line Options

This page describes the command line options for the cc-backend executable.

-add-user <username>:[admin,support,manager,api,user]:<password>

Function: Adds a new user to the database. Only one role can be assigned.

Example: -add-user abcduser:manager:somepass

  -config <path>

Function: Specifies alternative path to application configuration file.

Default: ./config.json

Example: -config ./configfiles/configuration.json

  -del-user <username>

Function: Removes a user from the database by username.

Example: -del-user abcduser


Function: Enables development components: GraphQL Playground and Swagger UI.


Function: Go server listens via (for debugging).

  -import-job <path-to-meta.json>:<path-to-data.json>, ...

Function: Import one or more jobs by comma seperated list of paths to meta.json and data.json.

Example: -import-job ./to-import/job1-meta.json:./to-import/job1-data.json,./to-import/job2-meta.json:./to-import/job2-data.json


Function: Setups var directory. Initializes sqlite database file, config.json and .env environment variable file.


Function: Iterates the job-archive and re-initializes the ‘job’, ’tag’, and ‘jobtag’ tables based on archived jobs.

  -jwt <username>

Function: Generates and prints a JWT for the user specified by its username.

Example: -jwt abcduser


Function: Set this flag to add date and time to log messages.

  -loglevel <level>

Function: Sets the loglevel of the running ClusterCockpit instance. “Debug” will print all levels, “Crit” will only log critical log messages.

Arguments: debug | info | warn | err | crit

Default: info

Example: -loglevel debug


Function: Migrate database to latest supported version and exit.


Function: Start a server, continues listening on configured port (Default: :8080) after initialization and argument handling.


Function: Synchronizes the ‘user’ table with LDAP.


Function: Shows version information and exits.