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Contribution Guidelines

Articles on how to contribute to ClusterCockpit development and documentation.

1 - Documentation

How to contribute to the docs

We use Hugo to format and generate our website, the Docsy theme for styling and site structure. Hugo is an open-source static site generator that provides us with templates, content organisation in a standard directory structure, and a website generation engine. You write the pages in Markdown (or HTML if you want), and Hugo wraps them up into a website.

All submissions, including submissions by project members, require review. We use GitHub pull requests for this purpose. Consult GitHub Help for more information on using pull requests.

Quick start

Here’s a quick guide to updating the docs. It assumes you’re familiar with the GitHub workflow and you’re happy to use the automated preview of your doc updates:

  1. Fork the cc-docs repo on GitHub.
  2. Make your changes and send a pull request (PR).
  3. If you’re not yet ready for a review, add “WIP” to the PR name to indicate it’s a work in progress.
  4. Preview the website locally as described beyond.
  5. Continue updating your doc and pushing your changes until you’re happy with the content.
  6. When you’re ready for a review, add a comment to the PR, and remove any “WIP” markers.

Updating a single page

If you’ve just spotted something you’d like to change while using the docs, Docsy has a shortcut for you:

  1. Click Edit this page in the top right hand corner of the page.
  2. If you don’t already have an up to date fork of the project repo, you are prompted to get one - click Fork this repository and propose changes or Update your Fork to get an up to date version of the project to edit. The appropriate page in your fork is displayed in edit mode.

Previewing your changes locally

If you want to run your own local Hugo server to preview your changes as you work:

  1. Follow the instructions in Getting started to install Hugo and any other tools you need. You’ll need at least Hugo version 0.45 (we recommend using the most recent available version), and it must be the extended version, which supports SCSS.
  2. Fork the cc-docs repo into your own project, then create a local copy using git clone. Don’t forget to use --recurse-submodules or you won’t pull down some of the code you need to generate a working site.
git clone --recurse-submodules --depth 1
  1. Run hugo server in the site root directory. By default your site will be available at http://localhost:1313/. Now that you’re serving your site locally, Hugo will watch for changes to the content and automatically refresh your site.
  2. Continue with the usual GitHub workflow to edit files, commit them, push the changes up to your fork, and create a pull request.

Creating an issue

If you’ve found a problem in the docs, but you’re not sure how to fix it yourself, please create an issue in the cc-docs. You can also create an issue about a specific page by clicking the Create Issue button in the top right hand corner of the page.

Useful resources

2 - Example Page

Example page to showcase the options for docsy.

This is a placeholder page. Replace it with your own content.

Text can be bold, italic, or strikethrough. Links should be blue with no underlines (unless hovered over).

There should be whitespace between paragraphs. Vape migas chillwave sriracha poutine try-hard distillery. Tattooed shabby chic small batch, pabst art party heirloom letterpress air plant pop-up. Sustainable chia skateboard art party banjo cardigan normcore affogato vexillologist quinoa meggings man bun master cleanse shoreditch readymade. Yuccie prism four dollar toast tbh cardigan iPhone, tumblr listicle live-edge VHS. Pug lyft normcore hot chicken biodiesel, actually keffiyeh thundercats photo booth pour-over twee fam food truck microdosing banh mi. Vice activated charcoal raclette unicorn live-edge post-ironic. Heirloom vexillologist coloring book, beard deep v letterpress echo park humblebrag tilde.

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There should be no margin above this first sentence.

Blockquotes should be a lighter gray with a border along the left side in the secondary color.

There should be no margin below this final sentence.

First Header 2

This is a normal paragraph following a header. Knausgaard kale chips snackwave microdosing cronut copper mug swag synth bitters letterpress glossier craft beer. Mumblecore bushwick authentic gochujang vegan chambray meditation jean shorts irony. Viral farm-to-table kale chips, pork belly palo santo distillery activated charcoal aesthetic jianbing air plant woke lomo VHS organic. Tattooed locavore succulents heirloom, small batch sriracha echo park DIY af. Shaman you probably haven’t heard of them copper mug, crucifix green juice vape single-origin coffee brunch actually. Mustache etsy vexillologist raclette authentic fam. Tousled beard humblebrag asymmetrical. I love turkey, I love my job, I love my friends, I love Chardonnay!

Deae legum paulatimque terra, non vos mutata tacet: dic. Vocant docuique me plumas fila quin afuerunt copia haec o neque.

On big screens, paragraphs and headings should not take up the full container width, but we want tables, code blocks and similar to take the full width.

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Second Header 2

This is a blockquote following a header. Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet t-bone doner shank drumstick, pork belly porchetta chuck sausage brisket ham hock rump pig. Chuck kielbasa leberkas, pork bresaola ham hock filet mignon cow shoulder short ribs biltong.

Header 3

This is a code block following a header.

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Header 4

  • This is an unordered list following a header.
  • This is an unordered list following a header.
  • This is an unordered list following a header.
Header 5
  1. This is an ordered list following a header.
  2. This is an ordered list following a header.
  3. This is an ordered list following a header.
Header 6
A tableA header
A tableA header
A tableA header

There’s a horizontal rule above and below this.

Here is an unordered list:

  • Liverpool F.C.
  • Chelsea F.C.
  • Manchester United F.C.

And an ordered list:

  1. Michael Brecker
  2. Seamus Blake
  3. Branford Marsalis

And an unordered task list:

  • Create a Hugo theme
  • Add task lists to it
  • Take a vacation

And a “mixed” task list:

  • Pack bags
  • ?
  • Travel!

And a nested list:

  • Jackson 5
    • Michael
    • Tito
    • Jackie
    • Marlon
    • Jermaine
  • TMNT
    • Leonardo
    • Michelangelo
    • Donatello
    • Raphael

Definition lists can be used with Markdown syntax. Definition headers are bold.


Tables should have bold headings and alternating shaded rows.

Michael JacksonThriller1982
PrincePurple Rain1984
Beastie BoysLicense to Ill1986

If a table is too wide, it should scroll horizontally.

Michael JacksonThriller1982Epic RecordsGrammy Award for Album of the Year, American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album, American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Album, Brit Award for Best Selling Album, Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-ClassicalWanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Baby Be Mine, The Girl Is Mine, Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Human Nature, P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), The Lady in My Life
PrincePurple Rain1984Warner Brothers RecordsGrammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album, American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Album, Brit Award for Best Soundtrack/Cast Recording, Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with VocalLet’s Go Crazy, Take Me With U, The Beautiful Ones, Computer Blue, Darling Nikki, When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U, Baby I’m a Star, Purple Rain
Beastie BoysLicense to Ill1986Mercury RecordsnoawardsbutthistablecelliswideRhymin & Stealin, The New Style, She’s Crafty, Posse in Effect, Slow Ride, Girls, (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right, No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Paul Revere, Hold It Now, Hit It, Brass Monkey, Slow and Low, Time to Get Ill

Code snippets like var foo = "bar"; can be shown inline.

Also, this should vertically align with this and this.

Code can also be shown in a block element.

foo := "bar";
bar := "foo";

Code can also use syntax highlighting.

func main() {
  input := `var foo = "bar";`

  lexer := lexers.Get("javascript")
  iterator, _ := lexer.Tokenise(nil, input)
  style := styles.Get("github")
  formatter := html.New(html.WithLineNumbers())

  var buff bytes.Buffer
  formatter.Format(&buff, style, iterator)

Long, single-line code blocks should not wrap. They should horizontally scroll if they are too long. This line should be long enough to demonstrate this.

Inline code inside table cells should still be distinguishable.

Javascriptvar foo = "bar";
Rubyfoo = "bar"{

Small images should be shown at their actual size.

Large images should always scale down and fit in the content container.

The photo above of the Spruce Picea abies shoot with foliage buds: Bjørn Erik Pedersen, CC-BY-SA.



Another Heading

Add some sections here to see how the ToC looks like. Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet t-bone doner shank drumstick, pork belly porchetta chuck sausage brisket ham hock rump pig. Chuck kielbasa leberkas, pork bresaola ham hock filet mignon cow shoulder short ribs biltong.

This Document

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Pixel Count

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Contact Info

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This is the final element on the page and there should be no margin below this.

3 - Commit naming conventions

4 - Release process for cc-backend

Steps to prepare a cc-backend release

Steps to prepare a release

  1. On hotfix branch:

    • Update
    • Update version in Makefile
    • Commit, push, and pull request
    • Merge in master
  2. On Linux host:

    • Pull master
    • Ensure that GitHub Token environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN is set
    • Create release tag: git tag v1.1.0 -m release
    • Execute goreleaser release

5 - Testing

How to do software tests in cc-backend


We use the standard golang testing environment.

The following conventions are used:

  • White box unit tests: Tests for internal functionality are placed in files
  • Black box unit tests: Tests for public interfaces are placed in files with <package name>_test.go and belong to the package <package_name>_test. There only exists one package test file per package.
  • Integration tests: Tests that use multiple componenents are placed in a package test file. These are named <package name>_test.go and belong to the package <package_name>_test.
  • Test assets: Any required files are placed in a directory ./testdata within each package directory.

Executing tests

Visual Studio Code has a very good golang test integration. For debugging a test this is the recommended solution.

The Makefile provided by us has a test target that executes:

> go clean -testcache
> go build ./...
> go vet ./...
> go test ./...

Of course the commands can also be used on the command line. For details about golang testing refer to the standard documentation:

6 - Tips

Tips for ClusterCockpit Development and Contribution


The frontend assets including the Svelte js files are per default embedded in the bgo binary. To enable a quick turnaround cycle for web development of the frontend disable embedding of static assets in config.json:

"embed-static-files": false,
"static-files": "./web/frontend/public/",

Start the node build process (in directory ./web/frontend) in development mode:

> npm run dev

This will start the build process in listen mode. Whenever you change a source files the depending javascript targets will be automatically rebuild. In case the javascript files are minified you may need to set the production flag by hand to false in ./web/frontend/rollup.config.mjs:

const production = false

Usually this should work automatically.

Because the files are still served by ./cc-backend you have to reload the view explicitly in your browser.

A common setup is to have three terminals open:

  • One running cc-backend (working directory repository root): ./cc-backend -server -dev
  • Another running npm in developer mode (working directory ./web/frontend): npm run dev
  • And the last one editing the frontend source files