Release cc-backend v1.3.0

Minor Release


New Features

  • feat: Add OpenID Connect Authentication support
  • feat: Add cluster config endpoint to rest api
  • feat: Add jobs endpoint to retrieve job meta and all job metric data
  • feat: Add rest endpoint to add/edit Metadata entry
  • feat: Allow to revert db to previous version
  • feat: add footprint card displaying basic metrics
  • feat: add selectable histograms to status view
  • feat: prototype infinite scroll implementation

Security updates

  • sec: update dependencies

Bug fixes

  • fix: Adapt tag db queries to also work with mysql/mariadb
  • fix: Use peak threshold for render limit maxy
  • fix: add acc scope to job query if acc >= 1
  • fix: fix scope autoselect on jobview statstable
  • fix: make hasnextpage optional parameter, use only if inf scroll configured
  • fix: move scroll event behind condition
  • fix: multiple accs with identical label, cloned data for single acc
  • fix: retrigger gql api at manual refresh
  • fix: trigger continuous load condition earlier

Supports job archive version 1 and database version 7.

Release notes

This is a minor release of cc-backend, the API backend and frontend implementation of ClusterCockpit.

Breaking changes

This release fixes bugs in the MySQL/MariaDB database schema. For this reason you have to migrate your database using the -migrate-db switch.


Download the release on GitHub!