Release cc-backend v1.2.2

Bugfix release


Bug fixes

  • 4b06fa7 fix: Fix buggy logic and simplify code if ValidateUser enabled
  • bb1c8cc fix: Move name extract from token in else branch
  • e61ff01 fix: adapt roofline render to browser zoomlevel Supports job archive version 1 and database version 6.

Release notes

This is a bugfix release of cc-backend, the API backend and frontend implementation of ClusterCockpit.

** Breaking changes **

  • The LDAP configuration option user_filter was changed and now should not include the uid wildcard. Example:

    • Old: "user_filter": "(&(objectclass=posixAccount)(uid=*))"
    • New: "user_filter": "(&(objectclass=posixAccount))"
  • The aggregate job statistic core hours is now computed using the job table column num_hwthreads. In a future release this column will be renamed to num_cores. For correct display of core hours num_hwthreads must be correctly filled on job start. If your existing jobs do not provide the correct value in this column then you can set this with one SQL INSERT statement. This only applies if you have exclusive jobs, only. Please be aware that we treat this column as it is the number of cores. In case you have SMT enabled and num_hwthreads is not the number of cores the core hours will be too high by a factor!

  • The jwts key is now mandatory in config.json. It has to set max-age for validity. Some key names have changed, please refer to config documentation for details.

  • The following API endpoints are only accessible from IPs registered using the apiAllowedIPs configuration option:

    • /users/ [GET, POST, DELETE]
    • /user/{id} [POST]

** NOTE ** If you are using the sqlite3 backend the PRAGMA option foreign_keys must be explicitly set to ON. If using the sqlite3 console it is per default set to OFF! On every console session you must set:

sqlite> PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON;

Otherwise if you delete jobs the jobtag relation table will not be updated accordingly!

Download the release on GitHub!