Release cc-backend v1.2.0

Minor release


New Features

  • 742c2e3 feat: Add uplot histogram, implemented in userview
  • f6c4c96 feat: Add users rest endpoint swagger docs
  • da8cefe feat: Change histogram to piechart in status view
  • c4a9fcc feat: Implemented rooflineplot with uPlot
  • e80ce7a feat: Rework analysis view top to contain piechart
  • b42a11d feat: Use chart.js for polarplot n jobview
  • 36abed2 feat: add auto-reloading to system and node views
  • 423e800 feat: add hover-legend to histograms & metricplots
  • 3014f59 feat: add new distribution plots to status view
  • 59c749a feat: add select to analysis view pie chart
  • f933cad feat: add select to status view pie charts
  • ed056b0 feat: add sorting in sub-node scopes in statsTable
  • 2655bda feat: enable uplot XY-Zoom for metrics
  • b623092 feat: persist analysis and status pie selections

Bug fixes

  • 80be786 fix: Responsive Navbar
  • 6a1e351 fix: analysis metric histogram normalized by scope
  • 4eceab4 fix: change analysis top users to core hours
  • 8a473de fix: core/accelerator scope in statstable on load
  • 4244a37 fix: correct timestamp logic in node-view
  • f286872 fix: hover legend display now depends on datasize
  • 69ee19b fix: include running jobs case in statsQueries
  • 129e6a6 fix: metric y-range render limit for data outliers
  • c84a0fb fix: push bootstrap to v5.3.1 and icons to v1.10.5

Supports job archive version 1 and database version 6.

Download the release on GitHub!